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OSCARS- Academy Award for Best Picture

The Nominations of 2011


Another year comes to an end, film-making speaking, and Mr. Oscar got all polished, and came up with the movies he considers as best films for this year.

The past few days I’ve been watching the list of the best ones Mr. Oscar suggested. My eyes hurt but since I love movies it’s not a real torture either. 😛

Here is the list of all those movies (links lead to IMDb):

Later on, I will post my impressions and predictions for each film. I haven’t heard what really happened to the Golden Globe Awards, or what the predictions are from various sources/opinions, simply because I want to have an unbiased opinion of my own, clearly just up to the films and only.


The Oscar’s show, will be broad-casted by ABC, on Sunday (February 27, 2011) at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. The show will take place at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood.

Oscar organizers have selected James Franco and Anne Hathaway to host the 2011 Academy Awards. Very young and fresh faces that will balance the seriousness of Oscars easily.

John Franco & Anne Hathaway are chosen as the hosts of the Academy Awards

There are some movies that already stand out, but there are some others too, that I just can’t help myself but to think “How did they manage to get on Oscar’s list?” O_o

Also, the Academy Awards themselves are kinda confusing the past few years. Actually the majority of film festivals have became confusing. The Oscars have now 24 categories! Twenty four! For Christ!

It’s like whatever the nominated film is about, they have chances to win something either way. And the “Oscar’s” slightest  tiny reference can turn into more bucks for the producers than the movie actually worths for.

In the meantime, other films, and actors/actresses, are not even in for the major or right categories that you thought they would be nominated for. O_o

What to do? Mr. Oscar has spoken, and this is the list for this year.

In the nest upcoming days I will be posting as I mentioned earlier, a post for each film. I have already watched five of them, and when I’ll finish with watching the Best Film nominees I might go ahead and continue with the rest categories too (Best Foreign Language Film,  Best Documentary, Best Short Films etc)

May God help me to not burn my brain and eyes in the process. Amen.

By, the way, Mr. Oscar is 83? Hmm..Still younger than my grandma. Gotcha Mr. Oscar!   Mwhahhahaha



Sources :

IMDb,  Wikipedia, Oscar.go.com, livestream.com/academyawards, Youtube


Resources :

My blog


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