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Eurovision Song Contest 2011 – The Greek Final

Gimme an ‘E’!


Gimme a ‘S’!


Gimme a ‘C’!


What does it make?

“Eurovision Song Contest!!!”


Crap people!…You’re gooood! 😛

And in return – I can be generous too you know!- here are some news about the  European contest that many love to hate when the rest can’t even breath without it. Yep in the Old World we are weirdos :S

The National Greek -Most Times Useless- Tv, E.R.T. has presented the songs that will compete for the Greek finals.

The winner will feel the cold of Düsseldorf  -OK the Great Finals will take place on May, but it’s fucking Germany! It will be chilly…no?- and he/she/they will compete with the rest European competitors  and maybe the Greek winner of this year, will also get some ‘cold looks’ since lately a lot has been said on the political level of the two countries that have numbed the brains and affected the opinions of their citizens. (I bet they will be expecting us with open arms…) 🙄

But music has no borders and often brings people together. Often. Let’s hope they will still do so.

So, here are the songs that will compete for the Greek Finals:

They are six in number and almost all except one and a half -yes, one and a half, you see one of them has  Greek and English lyrics,so I count it as half- have English lyrics, and if you are a native English speaker, you may want to leave this post now.

1)Κόκκινα χαλιά (artists->Kokkina xalia-“Red …Carpets”) Song: ”Come with me”

Κόκκινα χαλιά (Kokkina xalia-"Red ...Carpets")

2)Βαλάντω Τρύφωνος (artist->Valanto Tryfonos) Song:” Τhe time is now”

Βαλάντω Τρύφωνος (Valanto Tryfonos)

3)Tριημιτόνιο (artists->Trimitonio) Song: ”Χαμογέλα” (“Smile”)

Tριημιτόνιο (Trimitonio)

4)Αντιγόνη Ψυχράμη (artist->Antigoni Psixrami) Song: ”Ιt’ s all Greek to me”

Αντιγόνη Ψυχράμη (Antigoni Psixrami)

5)Λούκας Γιώρκας-Stereo Mike (artists->Loukas Giorkas ft. Stereo Mike) Song: ”Watch my dance”

Stereo Mike

Λούκας Γιώρκας (Loukas Giorkas)

6)Νίκη Πόντε (artist->Nikki Ponte) Song: ”I don’t wanna dance”

Νίκη Πόντε (Niki Ponte)




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