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Eurovision: Which song could win, and …the Greek Final in one caption!

OK I’m a weird person with a lot of time in her hands…

So, while I was listening to the songs that will compete for the Greek Final for Eurovision this year in Düsseldorf, I realized that the titles of the songs  could make a …caption! 😯

and this is the result of my madness…


Anyway, now let’s look about the songs themselves…By the way almost all the participants –except Stereo Mike- have become famous through X-Factor and Greek Idol reality shows! For real!!!

Which one though, could be the winner and take the trip to Germany?

(scroll down to see the video of the songs with their titles and artists)

1. First we have Kokkina Xalia (Κόκκινα Χαλιά) with the song “Come with me” composed by Kokkina Xalia and Andreas Galanopoulos. The song is in pop-rock style but the English accent of the frontman and the poor lyrics –they must have found any word that rhythms and just wrote it down- makes this song way too weak.

FYI: Kokkina Xalia made it to the finals of X-Factor in 2009. Unfortunately for them they lost from …Loukas! Yeah, the guy that also participates in this year’s Eurovision’s Greek Final…

2. Then we have Valanto Tryfonos (Βαλάντω Τρύφωνος) with the song “Time is now” by Ramsen and Viorinen. This ballad has nice lyrics, and Valanto’s English accent –except one or two words- is pretty good. The only problem with this song is that ballads have a hard time in Eurovision now days with few exceptions. And another thing. When I first heard this song, Celine Dion came to my mind and from what I read on the net while I was doing my little research for this post, I seem not to be the only one either. 😯 Of course I’m not saying that Valanto has the same strong voice with Dion, but there is a similarity in their styles that will remind you of her. That could be a plus or a minus. Who knows?

FYI: Valanto won the Greek Idol reality show in 2010.

Funny Facts: For those that don’t know much about Eurovision…Did you know that Celine Dion before she became worldwide known, had participated and won the Eurovision Song Contest of 1988 with the song “Ne partez pas sans moi” (“Don’t Leave Without Me”) as a representative of the Swiss team? And as it has been heard after she became famous she was pretty silent and embarrassed for that participation for two reasons : 1) Eurovision wasn’t a classy contest anymore and 2) her dress code was the leftover –and the official end- of the 80’s…   😳

3. We continue with Trimitonio (Τριημιτόνιο) and their song “Χαμογέλα” (“Smile”) by Nikos Terzis and Konstantinidis. Normally I would say my opinion about it –the style, the lyrics, melody etc- but I would end up talking about …another song! You see, there has been a dispute over how original the song is lately, and unfortunately for Trimitonio and especially for the composer Nikos Terzis, the song SHOULD be disqualified.

Poor Gregoire didn’t get any credit by them for his song “Toi & Moi” that became a hit a few years ago (2008) all over Europe and of course in Greece too.

See –or better to say, listen- for yourself!

FYI: Trimitonio had also participated in X-Factor in 2009 and made it to the finals but lost from Loukas.

4. Then we have Antigoni Psyhrami (Αντιγόνη Ψυχράμη) that it’s all Greek to her, with the song “It’s all Greek to me” composed by her brother Apostolos Psyhramis and  Dimitris S and G. Borg. The lyrics are OK, but her horrible English accent makes this song a “no-no” not just for Eurovision but for any other way that would reach the ears of the poor listeners. And it’s a shame ‘cause I expected much more from Antigoni due to her strong music education since her childhood. I didn’t expect it to be so indifferent and for sure I didn’t expect that bad accent. Oh well.

FYI: She participated in Greek Idol reality show (the same year that Valanto Tryfonos won in that show) but left –unexpectedly for many- just before the finals. It’s also worth mentioning that she had participated in her childhood in a song of Giorgos Dalaras and Goran Bregović . The song was called “Με λένε Πόπη” (“My name is Popi”).

5. After that we have Loukas Giorkas (Λούκας Γιώρκας)  feat. Stereo Mike with  “Watch my dance” by Giannis Christodoulopoulos and Eleana Vrahali. Although I really like Stereo Mike’s songs, I have to say that his part in this song was bad. Hip hop inside a zeibekiko style of song is a challenge which has few chances to become a successful combination although I do understand why he would agree to go for it since these two genres we can say they do have a connection in the aggressive way they are sung. But this time, it didn’t work, and Stereo Mike’s English accent wasn’t making it any better. You could hardly figure out what he was saying. (I know I might get obsessed with English accents and I know that almost all Europe has non-English native speakers so they won’t even realize many flaws, but since artists want to sing in a language foreign to them –for possibly winning over more people from many countries- they’d better do it well, or else they should stick with their own). Loukas on the other hand as far I listened did well with the zeibekiko part of the song and I even caught myself thinking that I would like to hear that song in whole without the hip hop add. And you know what? A zeibekiko would be great for Eurovision in my opinion, even though many would find that sacrilegious for the zeibekiko genre. But how many times haven’t we seen other traditional songs from Northern Europe, or lately, from Eastern Block? And most of the times they did well!

FYI: Loukas was the winner of X-Factor in 2009. Stereo Mike is the first Greek MTV EMA Award winner in the “Best Greek Act” category (it’s a regional category…and it’s weird. Does that mean that you win an MTV award or that you win a Greek award? 😕 )

6. And last but not least, we have Nikki Ponte (Νίκκη Πόντε) with the song  “I don’t wanna dance” by Jonas Saeed-Pia Sjöberg. Nikki is a Greek from Canada that came to Greece to participate in X-Factor but eventually left sooner than many people thought. So, there is no problem as you can imagine with her English accent, and the song has a nice beat and OK lyrics. In my opinion this is the song Greece should send in Eurovision this year. With an equally good presentation of the song, the ticket for Germany seems very secure!

FYI: Nikki as I said has participated in X-Factor and left just before the finals. But the proposal to compete in Eurovision was on while she was still in the X-Factor. One of the judges was getting aggravated with the rest of the judges accusing them for always buttering her up so she could win X-Factor and get the ticket for Eurovision, easy breezy. She has studied Opera for ten years and is still studying Musical in Canada.

Personal Favourites:

1. Nikki Ponte – “I don’t wanna dance”

2. Valanto Tryfonos  – “Time is now”

But beware! It’s a long way till the day that the winner will be announced and a lot can change –as it happens every year- and remember that the presentation, the fixing of the demos (‘cause so far they are still in demo form) and so much more can affect people’s decision when it will be time to vote.

May the best, win!


One thought on “Eurovision: Which song could win, and …the Greek Final in one caption!

  1. Really great, i’m just covering the Eurovision myself, in a tongue in cheek can of way, without trying to offend anyone. Love your humour, and way with words!!!

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