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Eurovision 2011 – Greek Final FULL SONGS

At the moment I’m writing this article, the Greek National channel NET (of ERT) is presenting the full songs of the participants. I checked a link I have of NET but “lo and behold!” the link stopped working – except when it’s time for the commercials…-

BUT, today the full songs have already been leaked on the internet !

And you have the chance to listen to them!

I found them on newsit.gr and the only problem is that you will also hear a guy saying “newsit.gr” often. But at least you will be able to hear the songs. I assume later or maybe tomorrow ERT will have the songs and the representation by video  on demand uploaded.

But for the ones in hurry…here they are!

Kokkina Xalia – “Come with me”

Valando Tryphonos – “The time is now”

Trimitonio – “Χαμογέλα” (“Smile”)

Antigoni Psychrami – “It’s All Greek To Me”

Loukas Giorkas feat. Stereo Mike – “Watch my dance”

Nikki Ponte – “I don’t wanna dance”





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