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Eurovision 2011 -Greek Final – The official presentation of the songs on national Greek tv.

Dear BlogLadies, BlogDudes and MOST importantly, BlogBots (since -let’s face it- only bots view my fucking blog)
as I have told you on my previous post, last night we had the official presentation on the national Greek tv channel NET (of ERT) of the songs that will compete at the beginning of March for the Greek Final. I had also told you that I didn’t make it to see it on tv mainly for two reasons 1) I have just moved in, my budget is limited, so there is no tv for me -which can be bad or heavenly good- 2) plus, the link I usually use to watch tv for free online worked great only on ..the commercials time..
But as you remember, I did find the songs and posted them, since they were -intentionally?- leaked a few hours before the presentation of the national tv, starts.
On that post, the only videos I could find were the ones of an annoying guy advertising the site I found the full songs at, but I had reminded you that if you wait a few hours, then you will be able to listen to the full songs without the annoying guy or anything of that sort.
And here they are!
(yeah I know you’re thrilled…) 🙄

Kokkina Xalia – “Come with me”

Valando Trifonos – “The Time is Now”

Trimitonio – “Χαμογέλα” (“Smile”)

Antigoni Psychrami – “It’s all Greek to me”

Loukas Giorkas Feat. Stereo Mike – “Watch My Dance”

Nikki Ponte – “I don’t wanna dance”

From what I saw of some short clips on the web, the presentation was very low key- low budget show. Just like my piggy-bank these days.
And that’s good, or else if they had a whole glittering show as most times ERT used to do, then trust me Egypt and Mubarak would seem as a hippie concert compared to what would happen here. 😡
Between each song, the host Lena Aroni (an intellectual…blonde [!] journalist) was offering to the participants a seat on a big reddish couch and chat a bit with them.


The host of last night's show, Lena Aroni.


I also saw some of the poll results in various sites. You can see a couple of the songs already have a lead compared to the rest.The Greek zeibekiko-hip hop song of Loukas Giorkas and Stereo Mike, goes hand in hand with the dance song of Niki Ponte and the ballad of Valando Tryphonos follows right after them but with a lower percentage of votes. The rest songs are barely noticeable, at least so far.

The Greek Final will take place at the beginning of March. The song that will represent ERT in the pan-european competition will be chosen by the jury and televoting, of which their vote counts equally, split in half (50%-50%).
The song will compete at the First Semi-Final of the song contest, the 10th of May at Düsseldorf.
On the 12th of May the Second Semi-Final will take place and on the 14th of May we will have the grand Final.

Now we just have to sit back and wait for a scandal.

Aaaaaah! 😀 Then it will be a genuine Eurovision period! 😆


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