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OSCARS- Academy Award for Best Picture—“127 Hours” (part 1/10)

The Academy Award Ceremony is just a few days away and I’ve been trying to watch as many films that are nominated as I can and gather info about them to create a review for each. As for the Best Picture nominations, below you will find a list of all the ten reviews for it.

127 hours
Black Swan (COMING SOON!)
The Fighter (COMING SOON!)
Inception (COMING SOON!)
The Kids Are All Right (COMING SOON!)
The King’s Speech (COMING SOON!)
The Social Network  (COMING SOON!)
Toy Story 3  (COMING SOON!)
True Grit (COMING SOON!)
Winter’s Bone (COMING SOON!)




The very first film I will be reviewing here is the “127 Hours”, a biographical movie based on the autobiography of Aron Ralston who in 2003 experienced a horrible situation and was literally stuck between life and death. The film stars James Franco who also happens to be one of the two presenters of this year’s Academy Award Ceremony, accompanied by Anne Hathaway.


James Franco as 'Aron' and real Aron Ralston



A very adventurous type of guy who, like on every weekend, went off for some canyoneering in Utah, USA. Because of some series of mistakes he made in his arrogance, he ended up being trapped between rocks with a crappy Chinese knife, some water, some chips as I remember to eat and a flashlight.

Unfortunately, time was passing by and not one soul seemed to be near. So, in a moment of distress he tried what his first thought was to do from the beginning, amputating his hand and get the hell out of there ASAP.

With his pocket knife he went and cut all the layers,tissues,veins etc.  and broke his bone so he can free himself out of that situation. Of course you can imagine how long that took, like a slow torture. Let me rephrase that. YOU CAN’T imagine how long and painful that was.


Aron Ralston in my opinion is a hero and one of the stupidest folks around. I praise his strength to overcome all that had happened to him and I get angry to think that in some extent all that would have been avoided if he had actually put his head and think logically. Dude! You can’t go alone in some desert and not tell anyone! And since we live in the era of cellphones, just take one with you! Shit happens!

On the other hand, EVERYONE does stupid mistakes and everyone deserves a second chance no matter how… And in Aron’s case he had to lose his arm to gain his freedom. And that’s also a point I always stand by when I hear stories like this. The strength that the survivor instinct is giving you when you are in a situation as this one, and you have to do something to save your ass, is something that astonish me every time. It’s probably the only time where we clearly see which our actual priorities are, what is worth living for and how easy it is to lose everything.




I have mixed feelings about this movie. And I can’t avoid it but I will be ruthless. In one sentence: We have here a great story said in a wrong way.

Although it starts really promising, on the way it feels like a lot is missing. James Franco in my opinion is mimicking the real Aron and not acting. I know that my opinion seems to contradict the one of the critics who nominated him for Best Actor. It’s a very thin line between those two and yes I’m not an actress, which could already make my opinion seem like a pile of crap but I’m a part of the audience and I had a hard time sympathising for Franco or even trying to understand what was in his mind. It was like something wasn’t right.

In my humble, crappy, opinion, the movie since it barely has dialogues due to its nature needed a very strong actor.

But let’s give some credit to Franco, it’s a hard deal to support a whole movie on your shoulders. OK, but that’s not the only problem I have with this movie. (yep! I’m a bitch today! 😛 )

We rarely see films that are almost all based on the actual facts and that should thrill me cause Hollywood has slaughtered probably 99% of the films that are based on a true story, but this time it seemed more like everything was there, ready on a plate and served. Like as if I was watching a documentary and not a film. Like as if they didn’t even try to unfold all those layers of the story. The only time I felt somehow connected to the character was when an illusion took place! It was the only time that I could actually ‘see’ the character. His wishes, his regret and above all a metaphysical experience, a premonition –real Aron claims that he saw the last day his future son before him, even though that time he had no clue and thought it was a random hallucination among the familiar ones he had with his family ‘waiting’ and ‘talking’ to him, some years later his son was born- which made me think that the book he wrote must be a great book to read compared to the film.

And it’s weird cause Danny Boyle is a great director (I love ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ ) and Aron was able to participate in the whole process from start to end.

In my opinion it shouldn’t have made it to the Oscar’s but still I would suggest to read up about Aron Ralston and if you can you should also check out his book.


For the record, there are some videos on youtube of the real footage and audio although there are very few and that’s due to the wish of Aron of not letting anything from the past to be seen by his loved ones and of course cause all that would bring him bad memories and feelings of that time.

Aron Ralston’s Real Video Footage (One Clip – Aron Ralston)

Audio Extracted From Aron Ralston’s Real Video Camera Footage -Authentic

Also, check out a very nice documentary that was made just six months after the incident.

Aron Ralston (Part 1 of 6) Desperate Days in Blue John Canyon

Now Aron is doing fine and in fact he’s back on hiking although –as the film in the end mentioned- he always let someone know where he’s at.



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