Discovery’s final mission launched the other day. But besides the usual videos that come along with that, here is another that will make you “Awwwww” or “WOW DUDE” or simply cry from joy 😛 lol

On a routine -delayed- flight from Orlando, Florida to Richmond, Virginia,  passengers experienced something that few must have seen again in their life or at least was never recorded before, on camera.

Credits go to Neil Monday, one of the passengers.

And officially this is the only time I can fully recognize the true value of an iPhone and how crystal clear it gives us and how easy it is to be uploaded on the net in a short time. Better to say, “in the speeeeeed of liiiiiiiiiiiiight!”

Also, watch Charles  video (from the youtube channel CTFxC – yeah I know you probably hate them with their cocky attitude, especially the boring chick Allis, but this video worths the trouble)  this time from the ground!!!

AND with a crocodile (or a fucking alligator, idk)  that is just a breath away from the camera guys/photographers of the VIP section……