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Eva Mendes …SEX tape!!! (full video)

X-Rated: Only for Adults

I’m not joking. This is the FULL video of Eva Mendes’s S.EX. tape…

Noticed something weird?

Yeah, I wrote “S.EX.”

Of course the video starring Eva herself is just a satirical video she made after a rumor that there is out there a sex tape of hers that any male would die -or at least just get the goose bumps- to watch.

As Eva explains “S.EX.” stands for a regular tape that clients would like it to “SEcure  things EXtremely well…”

Sounds weird if you don’t watch the video. She explains the rest on it.

But I give her the credit for having humor that is missing so much these days from people.

Got fooled? Well you didn’t got fooled by me, but Eva herself 😛

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