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NYPD video and photos of 9/11 surfaces

This video is from the NYPD helicopter and

According to Gawker, the National Institute of Standards and Technology requested the 17-minute video through the Freedom of Information Act, and the video was sent anonymously to the secret-sharing website Cryptome, which posted it. The Institute investigated the 9/11 attacks.

Although the audio and the video is bad (even though it was taken in 2001 😯 ) I tried to figure out what it was being said.

The NYPD guys, are in the skies filming while both of the towers have been hit. Later on, they land for some while in what it seems to be a park, and still film with close ups, the towers. Then they are back in the sky again when one of the towers falls down…

-The whole side…It’s gone!Holy crap!They knocked the whole freaking thing down!
Holy God…They hit it! They -…- The second tower is down.

-We got out of there right on the right time!
-We got out of there on the right time!

-You see the (fire) fighters? They -…-

After landing again, another cop asks the cameraman
-“Harold” did you get the tower “falling” down?
-Right after it. I…I…I had it gone and I moved over and got the..smoke!

(I’m not sure if I heard “Harold” and “falling” that’s why I use ” ” )

-“Steve”, any luck? Well the self service is out so let me try my ….

(then we hear the audio from the police radio and the cameraman’s comment)
-The whole tower is down. The whole tower is down. All forces be “advised” that the whole North tower is down.
-Holy shit..
-Be “advised” the whole North tower is down.
-That’s it. That’s the biggest disaster in the world.Right there.

(Police Radio)
-…call assistance….request assistance…what’s the location?
(police radio continues)

And still, Bin Laden and…George Bush are out there, free, enjoying their pathetic lives. Thousands of innocent Americans died that day and hundreds of thousand innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq  have died too.Not to count the soldiers from both sides. All because of some game power…

Also, check out the 153 still photos taken from another helicopter, that were also sent to Cryptome . In some, you will be able to see the towers falling down.

(You can download the photos and the pdf file  either from Cryptome here or download just the photos from my Flickr album page )

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