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Shinmoedake volcano, Japan

After the big 8.9 magnitude earthquake, the tsunami that its waves reached the shores of California (and even killed a guy that was taking photos of it) and the explosion in a power plant in Fukishima, the nightmare doesn’t seem to come to an end.

Shinmoedake volcano at Kyushu island (that’s were Nagasaki is! *sigh* ) the third largest island of Japan, erupted after nearly two weeks of relative silence. The ash and rocks reached four kilometers into the sky. It is yet not sure if it’s linked with the earthquake, but anyone can have a hunch of what may have happened.

This is a time lapse video that shows the eruption of Shinmoedake  two weeks ago, in the first eruption.

(created by Matt B, which I “borrowed” from bigthink.com)

Even if the eruption has nothing to do with the earthquake (since it has been ‘awake’ since last month, long before the other disasters that came along) it feels really weird.

You know, disaster here, disaster there, nonstop…That has started feeding many doomsday sayers around the world, and this time there is nothing we can argue about. O_o

FOR THE RECORD:  During the 1960′s, the volcano was used as an exterior of SPECTRE’s headquarters in the James Bond film “You Only Live Twice”, starring Sean Connery. 😯

(that info came from pinoyhalo.com and Wiki)


(UPDATE: I just checked the webcams I posted again as I had said I will, and fortunately they work great. Just make sure you view the webcams based on Japan’s daytime  -I know, “duh”…-)

I also tried to find webcams that show the volcano in real time, and this is the best I could find.

Live Webcam 1 (the time I found it, it seemed to be on, but didn’t show much. Of course that could be also due to the time difference Greece has with Japan, so I’ll check it back later) CLICK THE FIRST LINK

Live Webcam 2 (the same here as above 🙄 it seems to work, but it’s pitch dark. Try it in different times)

Some photos of previous eruptions Shinmoedake had

Shinmoedake in in Kyūshū island, Japan










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