Submit your questions to, then vote to hear which questions she answers!

On the above youtube page of question submissions you will also find a very nice practical search bar to look for a specific word (e.g. if you want to know if someone else has asked her before if she eats frogs you type “frog” in the search bar. You get the point. 😛 That way it will be easier for you to also vote cause Gaga will first check the questions with the most votes)  Plus, under the search bar you will see the questions you made and the votes you have given to others.)

You can also use tweet your question by adding the hashtag   #GoogleGoesGaga in your tweet, and Lady Gaga will automatically receive it.

Voting closes at 11:59 pm PST 3/18

And don’t post the same question a hundred f@cking times! It’s irritating!

You monsters… 👿