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Chris Brown flipped out -again- and broke a window with a chair on GMA–and possible arrest.

“Oops I did it again…”

I bet Brown is singing that, right now 😛
Today Chris Brown lost control again, this time on the set -or better to say, in the dressing room, on Good Morning America.

He was invited to give a short interview and perform a song from his new album (which is just crap if you ask me, but people have different taste) and everything seemed going well, but when the interview and the song performance ended and Brown got to his dressing room he flipped out, smashed a window with a chair,  yelled to a producer and left the building without a shirt on (I imagine that detail is just for the pleasure of girls, although I’m a girl myself and I just rolled my eyes 🙄 … Yeah, I’m not a fan.)

He was not been arrested (although it has been told that he has, but it’s not clear yet) but  according to legal expert Peter T. Haven this incident will be

closely looked at by the probation officer, and it may very well be brought to the court’s attention.”.

He also added:

It’s just not breaking the window that’s problematic. The behavior itself is problematic. It’s difficult to say if it will actually be a violation [of probation] — he may have an opportunity to present whatever kind of defense he has. But it will definitely capture the attention of his probation officer, who will take a look at it and probably have a talk with him about it.


The interview started with pre-approved questions (that  Brown had agreed upon),  and many of the questions had to do with his past. With Rihanna most specifically.

But Brown started saying that he was there to talk about his album and not about his past or anything else like that.

“It’s not really a big deal to me as far as that situation. I think I’m past that in my life. Today is the album day so everyone go get that album. ”

“The [music] enables me to escape and reach my fans. When you come to mainstream America and different places in the world, people want to always bring up the situation we are bringing up now. I think eventually, it’s about my fans, it’s not about that. I’m doing this for my fans so I could care less what everyone else thinks.”

Robin Roberts who took the interview insisted and through uncomfortable giggles from both, a “cool” act by Chris Brown and a “sympathetic” one from Robin Roberts, the interview ended well and then Chris sang a song from his album with the usual pathetic spasmodic choreography that only suits to a 13 y.o.

You couldn’t see a real sign of what would come after that.

Brown rushed to his dressing room and started breaking everything with the pinnacle of throwing a chair at the window where broken glass fell onto 43rd and Broadway. He later torn his shirt off -as it has been said..and made me smirk when I heard- and rushed out, confronted a producer but others split them and went out of the building half naked, showing his sweaty tattooed  abs…

A broken glass is easy to fix…but a bad temper?

Smells fishy?

Some say it was a set up incident in an attempt to “promote” his album that was backfired bad at him.  Others, say it’s just a strong proof that he is violent and will never learn.

Either way, he was in probation and now that’s a good excuse to send him in jail.


TWITTER chirps!

Just right after the whole thing, Chris Brown wrote on his Twitter:

“I’m so over people bringing this past s**t up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there bulls**t.”

I have to say that I agree fully with that Charlie Sheen remark…but dear dude, don’t expect that anyone will forget something like this so damn easily:

(I don’t like Rihanna – I actually think she’s just another slut that calls herself a singer but no one should ever do this to anyone! Never ever! And it shouldn’t be considered as “some shit of the past”. That kind of violence that we oddly have been used to as something OKayish to do, either to your mother, girlfriend,sister,wife or anyone else, is just showing what kind of a “man” you are. A pathetic little wimp that is…FULLSTOP)


But then he deleted that tweet and added this:

“All my fans!!! This album is for you and only you!!! I’m so tired of everyone else!! Honestly!! I love team breezy!!”


I also saw another tweet, older this time (on 21st of March) saying:

“F.A.M.E Time to prove everybody wrong!!! Show em being yourself goes a long way! Love and positivity”

Yeah…. I don’t know man… 😐

Btw, he REALLY tries to sell that album! In an almost uncomfortably desperate degree.


Anyway, Robin Roberts also twitted on her fresh Twitter account:

“Sure has been an interesting AM @GMA. Still sorting thru everything myself. Just my 2nd day on twitter, wonder what tomorrow will bring?”

and later added:

“Been a long day, Have taken everything said, good and bad, to heart. Appreciate the support. Tmrw is a new day. This Too Shall Pass. Gnight.”

(Btw, don’t you hate how Twitter gives you so little space to write and force you to get “creative” by shortening the words? It’s more painful to the eyes than text-messaging…)

I read something good on ruthlessblogs.com (were I also got many of the info/pics too) :

“If you can’t handle the consequences, think before acting; if you can’t deal with the job’s requirements, change professions.”

So fucking true…

Now it’s been said that he was arrested but in the meantime he went out -totally chilled just after the GMA incident- with his girlfriend Karrueche Tran (who also according to this photo and an ex-friend’s sayings she might have her own problems to deal with…)

Well what to say? They may be each others soulmates! 😆

Btw, what happened with Brown’s hair? Some dog peed on his head? Oxidizer will burn your brain, man! 😯

For sure the Internet is on fire after this whole thing( you should see what happens on Twitter! I can’t even catch up with those guys!). If this was his goal, I wish to Chris Brown to sell as many albums as he can -and pollute once more the Music Industry-  and maybe then he will finally relax, and shut the fuck up. 🙂








Also many thanks to my Twitter pals.





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