Ok, Lady Gaga gave an exclusive (1 hour and 13 mins) interview at Google and as she promised, she answered the questions fans (and no-fans) have posted some days ago on her Twitter account and her Youtube page.

I’m still watching it, but from what I saw so far, we have a very nervous but apparently a Gaga “monster” Google presenter :P, an awesome intro that they made for Gaga, and a ..high chair. You see Lady Gaga’s outfit this time was a super-mini and many times she was caught trying to hide whatever she could 😛

Which I find it cute since most people would think that she’s the type that shows off her body, but instead she was a bit uncomfortable.

I can give you a hint though..She unfortunately (or fortunately for many “monsters” ) couldn’t hide herself for that long (at minute 11 and something, she had an accident)

I would also like to underline how I love the way she interacts with her fans. For me, no matter how I agree with someone’s music/way of promoting ect, this is a number one critical issue for me. And Gaga is doing very well with her “monsters” and her “monsters” aren’t dumb to not see that, so they respect her back. That is what give artists “long living” on stage…


😛 ENJOY! 😛