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About My Awesomeness

Name: Angie (aka ‘Endevide’)
Age: 25 *ouch!*…
Occupation: One I hate at the moment.
Location: Greece 🙂

Please NOTE: Depending on the post, it will be written sometimes in English and sometimes in Greek (for Greek issues only). So don’t get surprised next time you visit my blog. 😛

    The purpose of this blog, is so fucking totally random!!!
  I’m not sure about much, but one thing I can say with certainty is that I have obsessions from time to time. Anything, anytime, anywhere. And when my obsession gets satisfied, in a sort of way, it only happens for a while, till it comes back and starts haunting me, again.
  Now, that is slightly different from what my blog’s name is all about. Although everyone has a fixed idea, I consider this term rather harsh and not quite suitable for myself. That miscomprehension might be due to two factors: I’m not a native English speaker, and I find the word “obsession” quite close to the word “passion.” Or, it might simply be my own idee fixe


I don’t know what you’re looking for,  in here, but enjoy the searching! 😛



One thought on “About My Awesomeness

  1. Dear Madame, dear Sir,

    we hope you’re doing fine!

    The article with title “Quo vadis europa” is refering to your article under title: ” Jean-Luc Godard’s Cannes Absence due to Greece” –” Δεν πήγε στις Κάννες λόγω του ελληνικού χρέους” (18 05 2010)

    Please press: http://www.documenda.gr/site.php?&file=news.xml&lang=el

    with kindest regards,

    Christos Kallitsis

    journalist- documentarist

    PoBox 10107
    PC 54110

    Tel.Fax: +302310331333

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